International Energy Consulting


Engineering office for energy efficiency

in commercial, industrial, residential and public properties

  • Decentral industrial and commercial energy supply: Heating stations, cogeneration plants, renewable energies
  • Energy supply for residential compounds and urban districts
  • Energy independant energy supply with low CO2-emissions
  • District heating
  • Energy saving concepts for demand side
  • Consultancy for energy-performance-contracting

graduate engineer Winfried Haas

Winfried Haas is a self-employed energy consultant that was employed over 25 years in project and team-leading positions at energy service companies (ESCO’s), including positions as authorized officer and department leader.

He is short-erm expert for international deployments  (weeks up to several months).

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Customer groups

Industrial Buildings

Industrial Buildings, production halls, commercial properties.

Public Facilities

Universities, theaters, schools, city halls, sports center, swimming halls, hospitals...

Commercial Properties

Office buildings and highrise towers, shopping malls, hospitals, service and logistic buildings...
Skyline Abu Dhabi

Real Estate Portfolios

Real Estate Portfolios consisting of office towers, high-risers, commercial buildings and public properties

Advantages for customers

  • High energy saving and margin potential

    Return on investments up to 30% and more

  • Praxis-proven energy consepts

    Reliable and praxis-proven solutions

  • Subsidies

    Subsidy consultancy reduces investment capital

  • Reduction of CO2-emissions

    Use of renewable energies

  • Reliable energy saving forecasts

    Know-How from energy-performance-projects

  • Project management know how

    Steering of complex projects with several trades and construction companies