Climate change and energy transition
for commercial properties and urban districts

Haas Energy Consulting

Cimate conservation, energy efficiency und decarbonisierung
for commercial buildings, production sites, district heating and urban quarters

Decarbonization and energy transition

The focus of activity is on the following areas:

  • Greenhouse gas mitigation and energy transition projects
  • Energy studies and feasibility studies
  • Simulation for renewable energy systems
  • Design and planning
  • International Consulting assignements

International Energy Consultant

Grad. Eng. Winfried Haas is an international consulting engineer and independant energy consultant with 30 years of professional experience in the energy service sector, with many years of experience as an authorized signatory and department head in leading ESCO’s.

Design and implementation of major climate change and energy performance projects,
including award-winning projects, e.g. Green Building Partner Award.



Renewable district heating

Sustainable heat generation with renewable energies for residential quarters, district heating, commercial buildings and industrial sites

Building Efficiency

Energy efficiency for commercial buildings (office tower, shopping malls, hospitals...), productions sites, residential compounds
Skyline Abu Dhabi

International Consulting

International energy consulting for climate change and energy efficiency projects, Short and long term expert for international assignments from some weeks to several months, as team member or team leader of english-speaking teams e.g. in USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia